3 Flights to Book! Award Chart Sweet Spots

For many the idea of flying first class is only a dream. Who has THAT kind of money to spend on a flight? Insanely rich people. But that is no longer true. Today you can book extravagant flights just by using frequent flier miles. There are many ways to accrue them, typically involving a [...]

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Maximizing Frequent Flyer Miles

Don’t know when to use points or buy your plane ticket? Here is a simple formula: Price / Miles  = at least .015 As a rule of thumb, you should always get at least 1.5 cents per mile in value when redeeming for an award flight instead of paying for it. *(Not all points and miles [...]

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The Journey: Part 5

"You can only connect the dots looking backwards, not forward.” As the plane took off from Sydney, looking out the window we had a great view of Bondi Beach before turning south out over the ocean. It’s a quick flight, just an hour up and down, followed by a 20 minute bus to [...]

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The Journey: Part 4

“You only live once.” The airport lounge Etihad Airlines has for business and first class passengers is big and beautiful. There is a spa where I chose to get a free haircut before my flight. After a couple of snacks, I was notified by staff that the plane was now boarding. I joyfully [...]

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The Journey: Part 3

“Cross the bridge when you get there.” After taking the train to central station I walked around the streets through the canals. I’ve been there before so I had a feel for the city and was good with the public transportation. There was way less people than in summer, so that was nice [...]

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The Journey: Part 2

“You only regret the chances you don’t take” Before I moved to Australia in 2014, I began following a blog called The Points Guy. It’s about accumulating airline miles through credit cards, and using them for free trips. I had followed his advice and got credit cards with big sign up bonuses. I [...]

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The Journey: Part 1

Part 1 “A journey of a thousand miles, begins with a single step.” A little over 2 years ago my friend, Chris, convinced me to move to Australia while eating some burgers. He was living in Sydney working for a big tech company, and told me he could help me get a [...]

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